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Migration of Accounting Packages – MYOB & XERO

Migration of Accounting Packages – MYOB & XERO

Don’t trust a free migration!!

Bookkeeping Migration

Quite often companies will want to change from one Accounting package to another…

However, the process can be time-consuming and difficult particularly if there is no basic knowledge of the steps one must take. Some companies offer a free migration but require everything to be perfectly reconciled before uploading, which can cause unnecessary stress. Even if they were to be able to get everything uploaded, they would still need to map all the accounts meaning you basically end up doing it all by yourself.

Clients Needs Bookkeeping is a company who has the expertise required to finish this task within a single day, although the process is to sign up for the new accounting package a month early. This time allows the duplication of the chart of accounts and payroll card files and properly prepare for the migration.

The Process

Bookkeeping Process

After the preparation, On the first day of the new quarter the bank feeds are activated. At the same time, time will be taken to close off the old file and make certain everything is reconciled and ready to do a transfer over to the new file. Also ensuring that the supplier and customers outstanding invoices are in alignment and check that it all balances out. Once this is done, you can start using the new file. There will be ongoing support to make sure that everything is running smoothly, and that there is a feeling of support during and after the migration.

If there is a lot of Accounts payable or Accounts Receivable invoices, the company may need some assistance in changing your Accounting Packages. Luckily, this is exactly what clients needs company’s Director, Matthew Powell has been doing for over 15 years as a bookkeeper. Clients Needs is one of the most talented and experienced companies in this field and have helped many clients make a smooth transition while keeping their businesses running.

What now?

Switching Accounting packages can be quite difficult if you’re new to bookkeeping. With many adjustments in each area, and the need to be certain everything is reconciled before switching. It can be a headache and a waste of time better spent running your business. Our rates reflect the complexity of the procedure and the urgency of the work. The job must be completed either on the 1st day of the new BAS quarter or on the 1st day of the new year. The new year is often a better choice so that you have the entire year’s transaction in a single Accounting package.

There is currently a fee for MYOB – Xero, Xero – MYOB, or Quickbooks – MYOB/XERO. There is no offer for a switch back to QuickBooks. The below items are the fees, clients get a 50% discount if they have no payables or receivables.


What Our Services Include:

Bookkeeping Services

  • Subscribing to the new accounting package & inviting you as a user
  • Set up the bank feeds again and reconcile the accounts
  • Set up the Superannuation companies
  • Adding all the suppliers/customers where required
  • Add all employees & Leave balances
  • Set up STP
  • Set up a chart of accounts in a new file
  • Transfer the conversion balances to have the P&L figures in one place
  • Transfer and reconciliation of Accounts payable & Receivable open invoices
  • Reconciling all balance sheet items prior to change over

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“Matthew is just fantastic, We have just setup a new business and nothing is too much for Matthew. There have been times when I contact him and within an hour, what I have requested has been done or fixed, I would not hesitate to recommend this very professional, polite and lovely man.”



“Matthew is easy to deal with, always available when I have a problem with Myob and is very well priced. Would happilit recommend to any business for book keeping or business activity statements.”



“Very professional work, I can comfortably leave all my bookkeeping with Matthew and expect ti have it all sorted in a fantastic time frame. I’m very happy with his work and would highly recommend.”