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Resources of Frankston


Frankston is a suburb in Victoria, close to Melbourne. It is a city that has had a rich history and also carries with it some great amenities and resources for those looking for a place to live or a set up a new business.

Today we are going to take a look at some of the resources and facilities as well as the features of the city that make it a great place to visit or to live.

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The environment

The general vibe of Frankston is as a leafy suburb in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia. For families who are looking for a quiet and lovely place to live this is the perfect choice. There are many parks and green spaces including Beauty Park, and the area is home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna. The city is very much aware of the environment and Frankston City Council invests heavily in environmental sustainability.


Frankston has a whole host of landmarks that you should visit during your stay. Frankston Pier is an original feature of the fishing village from back in the 1850’s and it still stands today as a reminder of how far Frankston has come and how much it has developed in a short space of time. The history museum is a must, and you can also see some of the sites used bt indigenous aboriginal tribes such as the Bunurong tribe.


As Frankston is a suburb first and foremost, it means that many of the houses are of the same style and have that real family feel to them. For families looking for a place to settle down and raise their kids, it is a great choice and offers spacious and quiet homes to suit your needs.


When looking at the resources and amenities of any town or city it is important to consider retail as well as hospitality. The Karingal Hub Shopping centre is the second largest in Frankston and is a popular choice for many shoppers as it provides a whole host of important amenities. There are also many pubs and eateries in and around Frankston, as well as hotels for people to come and stay. For those who are looking for the use of helpful services, there are many different amenities to use such as a Frankston bookkeeper, gyms, repair shops, and more.


When visiting or moving to any part of the world it is worth knowing what cultural elements are around. Frankston has many resources surrounding the arts and sculpture is a huge part of this. The Sculpture Park puts many amazing things on display and for anyone visiting they will be able to see new and unique pieces every year. There are amateur theatres, concert halls, and a circus troupe in Franskton too so there is always room for entertainment.

If you are considering visiting or moving to Frankston this year it is worth knowing what is around for you to use. We hope this list helped to gain a better idea of the city and what it is capable of.