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Things to do in Frankston


Frankston is a suburb in Victoria that was founded in the 1850’s and has grown from a humble fishing village to thriving city with a population over 30,000. It is a stunning place to visit and if you are looking for a holiday idea this summer, Frankston should be on your bucket list.

Whether you are a traveller hoping to visit some new places, or a business owner looking for the next opportunity to grow and thrive with a Frankston bookkeeper; you should take the time to explore this city and enjoy everything it has to offer.

Australia is a stunning country and Frankston shows off some of the best parts of it, and today we want to share some of the best things to do during your stay here that will blow you away.

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Frankston Boardwalk

The Frankston Boardwalk is a must see when you are visiting this city. The boardwalk stretches from Oliver’s Hill to Wells Street and allows you to view some of the best parts of the landscape. You’ll see some unique flora and fauna during your walk as well as be able to soak in the beauty of Port Phillip Bay. If you love animals, you’ll alos be excited to see the many lizards and birds that live along this stretch of land. You can walk a small 3km loop or extend your walk to Saltwater Creek Nature Reserve and enjoy a stunning day out in the sun.

Main Street Market

Mornington is a 15 minute drive up the coast and it has a wonderful market every single Wednesday that you simply have to visit. There is nothing better than fresh produce from a market and if you live in a colder climate you’ll be amazed by the size and the quality of the fruit and vegetables you are able to buy here. The market is the most popular in the area and has been running for around 40 years. You’ll be able to enjoy a selection of fresh foods, artisan cheese and sweet treats, homeware, gifts, and clothing. There are so many amazing stalls to view that you will want to make an afternoon of it and enjoy your trip.

Frankston Beach

It somehow feels wrong to talk about an Australian location without mentioning the beach – which is why that is exactly what we want to share. Port Phillip Bay is the home of Frankston Beach and this stunning destination is popular with visitors from all around. With the warm climate of the area, it is mild almost all year round and it is the ideal place to come for a relaxing walk or a day out sunbathing with your family.

Ballam Park Homestead

This famous home was built in 1855 by the Liardest Family and is the most famous home in the area. It has stunning architecture, a museum and cafe, and is the ideal place to come for the afternoon.

George Pentland Botanical Gardens

Founded in 1975, these botanical gardens are located close to the city and provide an escape from the hustle and bustle. You’ll be able to enjoy some of the most stunning native plants and enjoy a stroll through the fresh air surrounded by nature.

Frankston is a great place to visit and it is the ideal choice for your summer holiday this year.